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PurpleDocs: A Customer-centric Organization Delivering Seamless Tech-enabled Products and Services

Deepak Gupta | Pooja Gupta | Founders | PurpleDocs | Insights Care

Founded in 2010, PurpleDocs is an eminent start-up that holds a vivid vision of making healthcare data secure, analyzable and accessible 24 x7 to all healthcare stakeholders, which helps in improving patient care. It is a healthcare records management company with a cloud-based software solution that is easy and simple to use along with being user-friendly.

PurpleDocs is one of the fastest growing start-up in Gujarat and has been ranked among the top 50 startups at the Gujarat Summit 2016.

About the Dynamic Duo

The ardent leaders Deepak Gupta and Pooja Gupta are the Founders of PurpleDocs. Deepak holds MS (Computer Science) degree from Virginia Tech, USA. He has worked in the telecom giant Nortel Networks for a decade before entering entrepreneurship. He is a tech-savvy who also focuses on business development and scaling-up efforts in Tier I and Tier II cities across India.

On the other hand, Pooja is a Software Engineer from Delhi and has efficiently managed software development teams in reputed companies like HCL and Tieto. She has also worked in startups like KhiMetrics (acquired by SAP now) and Saama before founding PurpleDocs with Deepak. Currently, she heads the tech-department at PurpleDocs and is responsible for design and UI/UX of new products. She was amongst the top 5 finalist of the women trailblazer awards 2015 organized by CIIE, IIM-A.

Why PurpleDocs?

Today, there are number of software systems such as HIMS, HIS, etc. that are more like an ERP for a hospital or a clinic and somehow lacks in addressing the exact pain-points of the healthcare stakeholders. These gaps are immaculately covered by the unique solutions provided by PurpleDocs. Usually, healthcare stakeholders work in silos and there is no tool that eases the flow of information between them. But PurpleDocs’ PD+ suite of apps addresses this problem and makes doctors, clinics, pharma, labs and patients talk to each other over a digital medium seamlessly.

Distinctive Products and Apps

PurpleDocs has an array of products, apps and services to manage the clinical data. Its contributions ease information accessibility, sharing and analysis.

  • PurpleDocs App: It is a SaaS based offering for managing and analyzing Indoor Patient records and diagnostics reports. With this, paper-based patient records are digitized and comprehensive patient history consisting of case sheets, videos, X-rays, CT Scan, DICOM CD data is built. Also, clinical data, patient demographics etc. stored in them are extracted leading to the creation of analyzable data repository on the cloud. PurpleDocs has been serving 125+ hospitals and clinics for the last 8 years and has more than 60 Lac healthcare records on this platform.
  • PD+: It is an e-Prescription and OPD practice management tablet that enables doctors to create digital prescriptions and share them with labs, pharmas and patient instantly. It also streamlines appointments, patient queue, audio transcription and billing for the clinics as integrated video and image libraries make patient education easier. Also, templates help doctors reduce consultation time and help them access patient history at a click.
  • MyPD: It is an app for patients for personal health records management. With this, patient can access their records uploaded by doctors, hospitals. They can also upload their own prescriptions, lab reports and other health records and can access them instantly. This app is completely patient centric. MyPD is a platform for patients where, their prescriptions generated using PD+ are automatically pushed. The patients also have a choice for uploading their own medical records. It helps doctors engage with patients in a better way and provides extended care by educating them via personalized health tips and reminds them of their medicines and follow up appointments.

Happy Clients at PurpleDocs

  • Padmaja Pepalla, Padma Maternity Hospital, one of the clients of PurpleDocs, was initially apprehensive to use PD+ ePrescription Tablet as she has been writing her prescriptions with pen on paper for years and didn’t wish to change the way she has been working. As her OPD is flooded with patients and any technical hitch in the product could cause delays in serving them. Then, she tried the solution of PD+ for a day and saw the value and the entire practice was transformed in to paperless digital prescriptions and transactions with in a week.
  • Shilpi Shukla, Isha Hospital has been using both PurpleDocs and PD+ tab and is extremely happy with the product. She can access both her IPD and OPD records on a click and is able to provide better patient care even if the patient forgets to bring her past records along.
  • Alay Banker, Banker’s Retina Hospital, Ahmedabad is one of the prominent retina specialists in the country. His OPD patients go through multiple stages before ending up in his room for consultation. In all these stages important data is captured and it is vital for them to record and restore it. With PD+,PurpleDocs has efficiently managed his workflow and generated the prescription through all these stages.

Sturdy Team at PurpleDocs

At PurpleDocs, they architect the whole system due to which the team gets enough exposure of all stages of product development. This creates a great sense of satisfaction among the employees that gives them motivation to bring innovations at the workplace. The work culture is fully transparent, respecting and being fair to everyone is one of the values that the company tries to instill in every individual.

Regarding the team, Pooja says, “We are a young team and there is no hierarchy in the team. Every member is a core contributor and thus gets to work on all stages from designing to testing to deployment. We explore, try new frameworks, make mistakes and learn from them. Whatever we do, we do it as a team.”

Words of Advice

Make a product that your client needs and is ready to pay for. Lot of entrepreneurs nowadays launch products that they think are solving problems, and they try to offer it for free. It is always better to be a customer funded company rather than an investor funded company,” advises Deepak and Pooja to the budding entrepreneurs in the healthcare space.

Future Panorama

PurpleDocs is working on new products like PD Engage and PD Analytics. PD Engage is a patient engagement platform for helping doctors to enhance their connection with patients. PD Analytics, on the other hand, is a data aggregator platform for helping doctors analyze the patient health and progress and help them provide better patient care.

PurpleDocs is also planning to spread its wings to 50+ cities in the coming year. The current concern for the company is to deploy a model that has been successfully validated over last few years across multiple cities and states in India.



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