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Clove Dental: Spreading Confident and Dazzling Smiles!

Amarinder Singh | Founder & CEO | Clove Dental | Insights Care

Established in 2011, Clove Dental started its journey with a clear vision to provide highest quality dental care across the country. Clove offers a comprehensive set of oral healthcare services, leverages best-in-class equipment, and utilizes the latest pain-management technology to provide affordable healthcare of the highest quality.

To establish itself as the industry leader, Clove adheres to the highest standards in clinic safety and hygiene, customer service, and recruiting, with a constant focus on ethics and transparency. Clove also allocates resources to address the oral healthcare needs of under-served communities. Today, Clove Dental has expanded to 320+ clinics across India, getting closer to accomplish its desired count.

The company has a robust team of 850+ highly qualified dental professionals that has immense contribution in the achievement of Clove Dental. The organization believes that it is due to diligent and passionate working style of the professionals that win people’s trust and make it as their preferred dental care partner.

Why Clove Dental?

It is all about Ethics, Quality, and Professionalism that Clove adheres to that makes it stand out from the competitors. “Our patients place their trust in us and in the work that we do, hence, it is of vital importance that each of us abides by the highest ethical, quality & professional standards. Doing so ensures we not only provide services of the highest quality, but create a business environment that reflects our core values – Respect, Integrity & Trust. These guidelines are intended to enhance the culture at Clove Dental,” says the Founder.

Clove Dental’s 4-step sterilization protocol ensures hygiene and quality along with preventing any infection or future damage. It is the only organization till now which maintains all the records of their patients, employees as well as the doctors digitally, that can be accessed at real time from any geographical location.

Besides its core values, the dedicated and specially assigned quality team at Clove Dental ensures that the clinics provide the highest quality services to their patients and strive for continuous quality improvements. The team comprises of expert dentists who have a vast and stirring experience in both dentistry as well as administration.

Distinctive Services

Clove Dental has a wide spectrum of dentistry services. The specialized services that Clove Dental offer are dental filling, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth removal, braces and aligners, dental implants, dentures, bridges and crowns, teeth whitening, smile makeover, kids’ dentistry, mouth ulcers, preventive dentistry, and advanced gum treatment.

Clove Dental owns a large team of specialized dental surgeons who have enriching experience of handling complex dental cases which require special guidance and attention.

About the Leading Light

Mr Amarinder Singh, the CEO and Founder of Clove Dental, is an MBA graduate from Harvard Business School. He is a passionate person who works with learned attitude. With a Master’s degree in System Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada, and having a formal degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ilorin, his life journey has been enriched with ideas.

He is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned executive who has spent more than two decades in both entrepreneurial ventures and large corporate organizations. Prior to founding Global Dental Services and Clove Dental in India, Amar ran a supply chain software company based in San Francisco, California. Amar is passionate about bringing in the world-class quality care, which is also socially responsible, to India. He works with a clear mission of serving the best and never compromising on quality in any aspect of his life – personal and professional. The three things Amar strongly believes in are continuous learning, staying curious, and respecting diversity of all kinds.

Accreditations and Awards

Clove Dental has reached the milestone of having 310 clinics this year and is on its way to achieve more. Adding more recognition to its list, Clove is the only Asian member of the Royal Society of Medicine, UK, which is one of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions. The company’s membership is an indicator of its prime emphasis on its core values. Besides, Clove Dental is the only Indian healthcare organization to have been given membership by this renowned organization.

A List of Awards received:

  • Clove Dental has been recognized for being a symbol of excellence in health and wellness- ‘The Economic Times Best Healthcare Brands 2016.
  • Best building of brand by Business Model Innovation Awards 2018’ – Healthcare Business International
  • Famdent Excellence in Dentistry 2017
  • Best Dental Chain Award of the year 2017’ by Times Network
  • Best Employer Brand 2017’ by World HRD Congress 2017

Astounding Client Experience

Patient care is of the greatest importance at Clove. The company takes every possible measure to make sure that the patients are happy and satisfied. Clove Dental shares one of its most outstanding client experiences and says-

We have experienced one case where one of our dentists played a pivotal role in changing the life of a soon to be the groom. Working with a private firm, the patient lost his upper left front teeth in an accident 4 years ago.

That time he just underwent surgery to make sure that there isn’t any damage to his jaw but did not get his teeth fixed. As he was getting married in a short span of 3 days, he had raised concern about his looks. He visited Clove Dental to get his front two teeth fixed of which just root remnants had left. In addition to this, he also had stained teeth which were an add-on challenge for the doctor.

The doctor, along with her team, then took charge of giving him the ‘picture perfect smile’ for his wedding day. The team performed a single sitting root canal treatment on his retained root remnants as extraction was not an option, owing to no availability of time for healing. She did a crown reduction for the teeth adjacent to the missing crowns and coordinated with the lab for taking the work to a super-fast pace! Seeing an extremely happy patient at the end of treatment was worth all the efforts and hard work. The doctor says that she is glad she could give the groom the ‘picture perfect smile’ on the biggest day of his life and that’s all that matters!

Future Outlook

Clove Dental’s future plan is to spread more awareness and possibly reach more audience. The company has invested Rs 239 crore ($35 million) since inception and has further plan to invest the capital of about Rs 171 crore ($25 million) in the near future. The company’s goal is to address oral health and wishes to reach the count of 600 clinics by 2020.



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