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MarksMan Healthcare – Committed to Deliver Client-focused Scientific and Data Driven Solutions

Dr. Amit Dang [L] | Founder & CEO | Dimple Arora [R] | Co-founder | MarksMan Healthcare | Insights Care

MarksMan Healthcare Communications, one of the renowned and eminent organizations in the healthcare space offers Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), medical affairs, and data analytics consulting. The company was founded in 2014 and since its inception; MarksMan Healthcare has been committed in providing the highest level of scientific evidence to optimize the value and health impact of medicines and health technologies. The company also provides services related to scientific writing, curation-as-a-service, patient chart abstraction and Real World Evidence (RWE) solutions.

MarksMan Healthcare has majorly positioned itself in two major domains i.e. HEOR and Medical Affairs.

The Vibrant Duo

Dr. Amit Dang, the Founder and CEO of MarksMan Healthcare, is one of the eminent personalities in the healthcare domain. He completed his M.D. in pharmacology from Goa University. Along with abundant healthcare knowledge, he possesses the best business acumen. Prior to establishing MarksMan Healthcare, he had been the director at Geronimo Healthcare Solutions and handled various prestigious clients in the field of scientific content development and medical writing.

Asking him about how you motivate your team members and provide customer satisfaction, Dr. Dang said, “Working in the core knowledge and scientific domain, our primary focus has always been on maintaining the quality of deliverables. Also, high importance is given to prompt communication, be it with clients or with employees working in our organization. We have optimized the process through advanced management software to make sure that every mail gets a quick revert and our clients’ concerns are resolved at the soonest.”

Another key personality contributing majorly to the success of MarksMan Healthcare is Ms. Dimple Arora, Co-Founder of the company. She is an MBA professional and has a decade of domain expertise and global experience in insurance and investment banking. She has expertise in dealing with core business-related issues related to result-oriented approach and building long-term profitable client relations for generating repetitive business.

A Wide Range of Services

MarksMan Healthcare offers a spectrum of services.

HEOR Services:

With its prime focus on HEOR, MarksMan Healthcare does literature reviews with the help of advanced software like RevMan, WinBugs, and STATA. The company’s team of HEOR analysts has set a track record in conducting targeted and systematic literature reviews.

Besides, MarksMan Healthcare also renders Economic Modeling, Real World Evidence, and Market Access support to its clients.

Medical Affairs Services:

MarksMan Healthcare does research by writing evocative scientific manuscripts and assists in getting them published in indexed biomedical journals. It also assists in handling publications as well as does editing and proof-reading of scientific papers.

Curation-as-a-Service (C-a-a-S):

MarksMan Healthcare holds the ability to offer a collaborative approach to collect, integrate, and curate real-world data from patient charts and EMR. The company processes a variety of data types to support healthcare analytic applications, such as patient stratification, predictive modeling, and data visualization.

Healthcare Analytics Services:

Its medical writers and statisticians’ team leverages their clinical, medical, and regulatory expertise to ensure seamless clinical data management with the accuracy of the drug trial and patient safety.

PV and Regulatory Services:

These services provide customized information solutions for all stages of the product’s life cycle and therapeutic categories.

Milestones Achieved

2014- Establishment of MarksMan Healthcare.

2015- Team MarksMan represented internationally in Vienna (Austria) and Milan (Italy).Dr. Amit Dang received “Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year” award at Indo-Global Healthcare Summit and Expo. Dr. Amit Dang won the ‘2015 ISPOR Meeting Travel Grant.’

2016 Team MarksMan represented internationally in Singapore (USA) and Washington DC (USA). The company’s one of the research posters got nominated among finalist at ISPOR 21st Annual International Meeting at Washington DC (USA).

2017- Team MarksMan represented internationally at Tokyo (Japan) and Boston (USA). Dr. Amit Dang won ‘Young Global Leader Award by GLF’.

2018- Team MarksMan organized INMAS 2018 (2nd Indian Medical Affairs Summit). MarksMan launched “Certification Programme in Fundamentals of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)”. Team MarksMan represented internationally at Chicago (USA), Boston (USA) and Baltimore (USA)

2019- MarksMan got empaneled with Kalam Institute of Health and Technology to render its consulting services to the esteemed body and its clients at AMTZ zone.

C.A.R.E. Generic Medical Store- A Flagship Program of the Company

Marksman Healthcare Communications, a company also working in the domain of health economics, has earlier realized that in India the constant price rise had made access to affordable quality medicine a major challenge. The problem is further provoked by increasing incidence of chronic ailments like diabetes, hypertension, etc. that requires long term therapy.  The company believes that the rise in medicine cost is a strong barrier to the completion of prescribed treatment thereby endangering the health of citizens. Also, accessing affordable quality medicines is becoming a matter of great concern to the common man. Hence, they believe that this problem can be addressed by providing quality generic medicines to citizens at an affordable price range and empowering them with the knowledge needed in their health matters.

The team at MarksMan is committed to society and strives to become responsible corporate citizens of the country. The core values of MarksMan Healthcare infer that a strong company cannot grow without successful social and sustainable policies. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a key role in Marksman Healthcare Communications’ social strategy for the present as well as upcoming years.

Future Plans

MarksMan Healthcare is planning to generate business partnerships in countries like USA, the UK, Europe, and South Africa, which would most probably be occurring in the next couple of months. The company is also planning to launch an online certification course on medical affairs this year as well, which is taking place for the first time in India.

The company is ambitious about its upcoming patient-centric app “The KYT“, i.e. ‘Know Your Treatment’, which is going to be the first healthcare data market application in India. The app would help patients to monetize on their health records and hospital data.

MarksMan Healthcare aims to build the largest RWE (Real World Evidence) Repository in India. “When the whole world is moving towards AI and machine learning, it is high time that we at least start aggregating and digitizing health records of Indian patients and help them understand its value,” believes Dr. Amit.



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