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Healtho5: Spearheading the Healthcare Space with Innovative Solutions

Kousik Rajendran | Dr Neelesh Bhandari | Venky Vaddineni | Healtho5 | Insights Care

With the clear vision of assisting patients throughout their care journey, Healtho5 established its Patient Relationship Management (PRM) company at Bangalore in February 2015. Since its founding, the company had the goal to help patients navigate the healthcare ecosystem better with regular support and guidance. Subsequently, Healtho5 focused on building its own proprietary A.I assisted platform called MedEngage® with built in clinical logic, triggers, multi-lingual care pathway protocols, visual dashboards, multi-channel communications and lots more.

Today, the company has grown to 30+ strong team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, developers, etc. who seamlessly provide services and solutions to more than 25,000 patients every month.

Unique Services

Healtho5 is a SaaS/ PaaS company providing patient-centric solutions to the payers and providers. Its patient centric solutions include:

  • Campaigns and Lead Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Informed Consent
  • Feedback and grievance redressal
  • Follow-up and Engagement

The company’s clientele include Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Government and Non-government organizations, Laboratories and Insurance companies.

Milestones Achieved

Healtho5 launched MedEngage® platform in January 2018 with over 2000 patients and two clients across India. The company’s first milestone attained was engaging 30,000 unique patients by December 2018. Today, they have reached close to 100,000 unique patients on its platform to deliver its patient experience and engagement solutions. The company delivers patient support services to epilepsy patients across Maharashtra and multiple Sclerosis patients across India. Also, ‘renal hypertension’ support service would be coming in the next few days.

Apart from these achievements, Helatho5 has presented its unique solutions at many national as well as international forums. The company’s patient feedback services are used by 30+ hospitals across India.

MedEngage®: The Unique Solution of Healtho5

Healtho5’s A.I. assisted Patient Relationship Management platform MedEngage® allows patients to create detailed, multimedia-rich, and longitudinal patient journey health record. These patient journey health records are rich in clinical and patient-reported data allow to use analytics and algorithms to create automatic alerts for high risk patients. This assists payers and providers identify at-risk patients early and direct them to correct healthcare services. With this solution, Care protocols can be personalized depending on patient reported outcome measures to ensure best health outcomes. Also, both patients and payers are benefitted while providers can keep unnecessary readmissions low.

Another popular module of its MedEngage® platform is a real-time feedback and redressal solution for hospitals and clinics that go for JCI/NABH/similar accreditation. The software helps in capturing feedback from patients/visitors, complaint and redressal, tracking of complaints and custom report generation ready to be submitted to regulatory authorities.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Being a relationship management company, Healtho5 realized that providing customers with flawless customer service is the core aspect that would keep them ahead in the market. Hence, the company has a customer service team with the escalation matrix to resolve client issues in the stipulated time. It also provides round-the-clock online as well as telephonic support to its clients. For better results, they use lean project management techniques and work in a close team to keep everyone informed internally about any changes concerning the clients.

Also, the company takes regular feedback from patients about its services. However, it has been noticed that over 70% of the patients found its services ‘excellent’ whereas 25% rated the engagement services ‘Good’ while the rest found it average.

Surpassing Challenges and Overcoming Them

Healtho5 faced numerous challenges during launching of its patient engagement services in India; which is indeed a unique concept in the initial stage in multiple countries, including India. The healthcare providers and payers were skeptical about the implementation, effectiveness and Return-on-investment (RoI) of these services.

Healtho5 considers itself lucky to have a few early adopters in hospitals, NGO’s and pharmaceuticals who helped in showing proof of concept for their offerings. The company’s patient engagement services received a tremendous response from the patients which convinced more clients about this unmet need. These initial assignments uplifted Healtho5’s motivation and guided it in getting more traction with a now proven track record.

About the Vibrant Trio

Kousik Rajendran, the Co-founder has more than a decade of extensive experience through working for a number of healthcare IT products development across the globe. He believes Software Architecture as real-time, ‘make it simple’ with a focus on adding long-term value to the organization. He also designed architecture based on these principles and standards that have helped companies deliver their ideas and technology solutions driving real value impacting their business. At Healtho5, he looks after the technology and operations with added responsibilities in marketing and sales.

Dr Neelesh Bhandari, another Co-founder is an Armed Forces Medical College, Pune graduate with post-graduation in Pathology. After his twelve years of medical practice in public and private hospitals across India, he shifted to technology in Healthcare technology entrepreneurship in 2010. Dr. Neelesh is a patient-centered physician, Chairman, Social Media Committee at the Indian Association for Medical Informatics (2012-14). At Healtho5, he takes care of medical affairs with added responsibility in marketing and sales.

Venky Vaddineni, the third Co-founder of Healtho5 possesses more than two decades of enriched experience as a Management Leader and Engineering Leader, and astute project professional focusing on delivery management, compliance, risk prevention, and change management. He is an expert at delivering simultaneous, large-scale projects within budget and time constraints while leading technical teams in providing innovative business solutions. At Healtho5, Venky looks after the Healtho5 software team.

Future Prospect

Healtho5 believes that the addition of patient generated health data to medical records and the implementation of Machine Learning in healthcare is all set to transform the way healthcare is being delivered. The company would be launching more specialty support services in niche conditions like heart disease and stroke and would be working to make its platform more intelligent to gather more data.

We believe that Healtho5 have the capacity to contribute to the world of value-based healthcare in providing better outcomes at lower costs. We are planning to expand our services in the USA, Middle East and African countries soon,” say the co-founders while talking about the company’s future plans.



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