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The 10 Best Performing Telehealth Solution Providers

Duxlink Health- “Bringing Hospital Level of Care to Patients Anytime & Anywhere™”
Duxlink Health, Florida based multi-specialty practice group with Duxlink Health Technology, the sister technology company, provides its unique integrated solution, Duxlink Tele-Hospital™. The solution focuses on one goal – “High risk Population Health Management to reduce unnecessary hospital...

Issue Profile

Andrea Bloom | Founder and CEO | Connectwell | Insights Care
ConnectWell: A Trusted Health & Wellness Content Provider Integrating Wellness into Life
ConnectWell is a leading-edge provider of digital health and wellness content that is academically sourced...
Kapriel Karagozyan | Founder & CEO | Firefly Global | Insights Care
Firefly Global: A Market Leader in Telehealth Camera Peripherals
Firefly Global is the foremost manufacturer and provider of high quality, affordable, wireless endoscopy...
Deepak Patel | Founder | I online Doctor | Insights Care
I Online Doctor: Offering Accessible and Affordable Healthcare Solutions for Everyone
California, USA based I Online Doctor is a startup having its operations in the USA and India who has...
Dr. Joseph Smith | President & CEO | Reflexion Health | Insights Care
Reflexion Health: Elevating Patient Experience with Value-based & Data-driven Solutions
Endorsed as ‘The Most Promising Technology’ by Home Care 100, ‘The Best Digital Health Technology’ by...
Ashish Mehta | CEO | PatientClick, Inc | Insights Care
PatientClick: Delivering Enhanced Care at a ‘Click’
With a vision to make healthcare access affordable for all, a fast-growing company – PatientClick,...
Dr. Tom R. McDougal | CEO | SYNCT | Insights Care
Synct: A Pioneer in Asynchronous Telemedicine
A renowned and distinctive player in the healthcare domain, Synct is a one-stop shop for an overall effective...
Jamey Edwards | CEO | Cloudbreak Health | Insights Care
Cloudbreak Health: A Leading Enterprise Solutions Provider Pioneering Unified Telemedicine Services
One in five patients (20%) speak a language other than English in their homes or have significant hearing...
Brent Rasmussen | CEO | Visibly | Insights Care
Visibly: Improving lives with Vision Care
“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality”−Nikos Kazantzakis Eyesight...


Zack Gutin, Marketing Consultant, Online Medical Care
How Telemedicine is reshaping the Medical cannabis industry?
In states like California and Nevada, where medical cannabis is legal, telehealth services have extended...
Akash Randhar | CEO | MEDSOLIS | Insights Care
Telehealth: Keys to Success
Technological revolutions redefine our expectation and realign the way we work. Invention of penicillin,...

Enhanced Care

Enhanced Care | Insights Care
Precision Medicine as a Paramount Modification in Healthcare
Medicine has always been an important sector for humans as it assists in providing a cure for every kind...