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The 10 Best Rehabilitation Centers to Watch in 2019

FARNUM: Saving Lives On the Front Lines of the Opioid Epidemic with 'Health Realization'
“Helping individuals and families find their way to a life free of alcohol and other drugs through comprehensive treatment and recovery services open to all.” For an issue that has impacted millions of families across the country, the opioid epidemic has been particularly hard on New Hampshire families. ...

Issue Profile

Britten Devereux | CEO | D’Amore Healthcare | Insights Care
D’Amore Healthcare: Transforming the Landscape of Psychiatry with the Finest Healthcare Services and Training
Located in the sunny, beach communities of Southern California, D’Amore Healthcare is an eminent healthcare...
Darren Lockie | CEO | Dara Thailand | Insights Care
DARA Thailand: A World-class Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Providing High-level Individual Care
Based on the beautiful island of Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand, Dara Thailand is a boutique rehabilitation...
Scott Brown | CEO | Solution Based Treatment and Detox | Insights Care
Solution Based Treatment and Detox: A Lively Residential Treatment Center Inspiring a Healthy Lifestyle
Based in Murrieta, a suburban town in Southern California, Solution Based Treatment and Detox is an eminent...
Frank Cid | Owner, Founder & CEO | Royal Life Centers | Insights Care
Royal Life Centers: An Accredited Facility Rendering Spotless Rehab and Detox Services
Established in 2009, Royal Life Centers is a renowned addiction treatment provider. Today, Royal Life...
David Blenk | President & CEO | Livengrin Foundation | Insights Care
Livengrin Foundation: Building Recovery with Effective and Affordable Recovery Solutions
Founded in 1966 in Bensalem, Bucks County, Livengrin Foundation is the first non-hospital rehabilitation...