10 Leading Diagnostic Solution Providers 2019

PTS Diagnostics: Empowering Providers through Point of Care Testing
The healthcare industry is in a period of transition both domestically and globally. This is driven by a host of factors from legislation and regulation to the growth of populations with chronic health conditions such as diabetes. The search for adaptive solutions is intense, and the pressure on companies...

Issue Profile

Sharad Joshi | President & CEO | BioDirection Inc. | Insights Care
BioDirection: Unlocking the Power of Nanotechnology to Address TBI
Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and sports related concussions have become very common and are increasing...
Olga Grudniak | CEO | Bioluma | Insights Care
Biolumo: Delivering a Fast Point-of-care Antibiotics Selection Tool
Antibiotic resistance is a major problem faced by the healthcare industry today. It has cost a lot of...
Dimas Francisco Silva Jr | CEO | Medcloud | Insights Care
Medcloud: Centralizing Data for Decentralizing Care
Technologies like Cloud and I.A has been determining the future of almost all the industries and the...
DominikWestner | CTO | Dr. Leo Martinez | CEO | Colorimetrix | Insights Care
Colorimetrix: Bringing Lab Diagnostic Tools to the Hands of Everyone
Driven with the passion of ‘Making diagnostic lab tools accessible to everyone’, Colorimetrix was established...
Gitte Pedersen | CEO & Co-founder | Genomic Expression | Insights Care
Genomic Expression: Improving Care and Saving Lives
Headquartered in Beverly, MA, and founded in 2012, Genomic Expression is a prominent organization that...


Tania Martin-Mercado | Chief Technology Officer | YGEIA | Insights Care
What Digital Startups Need to Succeed in the Healthcare Space
We hear a lot of buzz in the industry and in the marketplace about the latest in digital healthcare. ...

Industry Trends

Diagnostic Industry | Industry Trends | Insights Care
Recent Advancements in Diagnostic Industry
The healthcare sector is moving from reactive care to preventive care. Preventive care helps the patient...