The 10 Most Innovative Healthcare Nanotech Companies To Watch

The Convergence: Nanotechnology and Medicine
The nanotechnology applications are on the horizon. Nanotechnology is becoming stronger than ever to create a world free from suffering and hunger less. Nanotechnology is the new leader with a bright future ahead. Initially, with the new technologies, people may have hesitations, but the more the technology...

Issue Profile

Dr. Jennifer MacDiarmid & Dr. Himanshu Brahmbhatt Co-founders Joint-CEOs & Directors EnGeneIC Limited
EnGeneIC: Novel Cyto-Immunotherapeutic Cancer Therapeutics as a Nano-Medicine for Oncology patients
Nanoscience and nanotechnology are revolutionising medicine in providing solutions in therapeutics, diagnostics,...
Dr. Guo Director ExonanoRNA
ExonanoRNA: Harnessing Today’s Scientific Insights to Pursue Tomorrow’s Medicines
Nanoscale technology is widely used in medicine and medical devices where manipulations are made at the...
Dr. Agnes Ostafin President Founder & Partner Nanoshell
Nanoshell Company: Empowering Innovative and Practical Nanoparticle Solutions
Responsible development of nanotechnology is characterized by balancing of efforts to maximize the technology’s...
Dr. Mats Hansen CEO Dr. Oskar Axelsson CSO Spago Nanomedical
Spago Nanomedical: Improving Efficiency in Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment
The development of MRI- a medical imaging technique used in radiology to form pictures of the anatomy...
Scott Pancoast CEO & Founder Zylö Therapeutics
Zylö Therapeutics: Developing Versatile Nano-Carrier Platforms
Notwithstanding the remarkable developments of recent synthetic methodologies, many nano-carriers develop...


Healthcare taking a Leap Forward with High-tech Technologies
Healthcare taking a Leap Forward with High-tech Technologies
Thanks to the constant evolution of digital technologies, healthcare industry has been gaining innovative...

Nanotech in Medicine

Nanotechnology in Medicine
Nanotechnology in Medicine: Where does India Stand?
Nanotechnology on its own is revolution and deliberate changes are brought onto material at their most...