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The 10 Most Transformative Patient Engagement Solution Providers 2019

JPA Health: Driving the future of Health Communication and Patient Engagement
While taking a brief note of the healthcare industry undergoing a technological revolution, we are compelled to draw assumptions over certain questions. What more can we expect? How far will the waves of this revolution take the industry? What new healthcare benefits and advancements are we going to...

Issue Profile

Saket Singhi Founder and Managing Director JVS Technologies
JVS Technologies: Patient Engagement Made Easy
The healthcare industry plays a major role in daily life. It is one of the important branches in the...
Medicus AI: Empowering the Future of Healthcare Providers
Health and fitness, as a lifestyle choice, have been embraced by many of us. Staying fit in a busy schedule...
Akash Randhar CEO Medsolis
Medsolis: Safe, Easy and Smart Way of Care Management
As the world moves towards digitalization, the healthcare industry also makes its way to modernization...
Ty Allen CEO SocialClimb
SocialClimb: Helping Medical Practices Climb to the Top in Online Searches
In the age of instant information, people are increasingly turning to the internet for answers to their...
Co-founder, President & CMO Craig McAllister, MD SwiftPath
SwiftPath: Patient Engagement is the Key to Successful Outpatient Joint Replacement
For many organizations in the healthcare industry, achieving the highest quality of care while lowering...