The 10 Most Trusted EMR-EHR Solution Providers 2018

Patagonia Health: Connecting People, Process and Technology
The United States may have a world-leading medical research industry, but the American Academy of Family Physicians estimate that the nation will experience a shortfall of close to 150,000 physicians by 2020. Government initiatives to address this deficit will bear fruit over time, but telemedicine and...

Issue Profile

Sebastian Kurian | GreenApples MedSystems | Insights Care
GreenApples MedSystems: Managing Your Practices with Easy-To-Use and Affordable Patient Care Solutions
Digital technology has radically transformed the world – smartphones, tablets, and web-enabled...
Scott Zimmerman | Greenway Health | Insights Care
Greenway Health: Providing the technology, insight, and trust physicians need to deliver exceptional care
For physicians, the depth of partnership with their technology provider could very well determine their...
Kumar Subramanianm | Kaaspro Enterprises | Insights Care
75Health by Kaaspro Enterprises: Reforming the Medical Record Management Setting
Over the last three decades, medical institutions have encouraged the shift towards computerization to...
Vishal Mehta | Ashish Mehta | PatientClick | Insights Care
PatientClick: Connecting People to Process & Technology
Healthcare institutions across the world are changing from fee-for-service to consumer-driven and business...
Javier Favela | Topaz Information Solutions, LLC | Insights Care
Topaz Information Solutions: Integrating Behavioral and Physical Healthcare
The healthcare system has transformed more quickly than ever from paying for volume to paying for value....
Pat McGonigle | MedInformatix | Insights Care
MedInformatix: Where Clients are Partners for Change
In the current transitional scenario where the US healthcare industry is moving from fee-for-service...

Expert’s Viewpoint

Arash Asli | Yocale | Insights Care
How Technology Is Helping To Improve The Healthcare Industry
Technology is often the vessel that brings a great deal of progress and change. Nowhere is that more...

Entrepreneur’s Outlook

Raul Villar, Jr. | AdvancedMD | Independent Physician | Insights Care
Integrated Workflow for the Independent Physician
In order to thrive, independent practices must continually adopt and embrace business models designed...