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Health Records of Digital Age

Digital technology has radically transformed our world – smart phones, tablets, and web-enabled devices have changed our daily lives and the way we interact. Digital technology is also transforming healthcare because healthcare is an information-rich industry. Information is present in the form of past medical history, vital signs, progress notes, medications, allergies, lab data and imaging reports as well as other relevant information….
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EHR Analytics: ‘Key to Transformation into a Value-based Care’

Healthcare institutions across the globe are undergoing rapid transformation from mere care service facilities to consumer-driven and business performance units. Through clinical analytics and intelligent solutions, healthcare administrators, analysts, and managers can make conclusions that assist with business decisions throughout the industry………
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Patagonia Health is much more than medical records data

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Patagonia Health: Connecting People, Process and Technology

The United States may have a world-leading medical research industry, but the American Academy of Family Physicians estimate that the nation will experience a shortfall of close to 150,000 physicians by 2020. Government initiatives to address this deficit will bear fruit over time, but telemedicine and Electronic Health Records (EHR) are the workforce and asset multipliers that provide immediate alleviation today. The exponential rate of adoption of this technology over the last few years shows no signs of abating. Almost 90 percent of the office-based physicians worldwide now use EMR-EHR technology to simplify access to accurate patient data and to improve workflow…..
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The 10 Most Trusted EMR-EHR Solution Providers 2018

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