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Best of 10 Healthcare Brands 2019

Leading Healthcare with Innovative Technology & Branding Tactics
All of us have heard the saying, ‘A healthy nation is a wealthy nation’. Healthcare is one such industry that will thrive to exist till the humans do. It, hence, is a very significant part of the economy of a country. Quality care has ensured that humans all around the world lead a better life. Right...

Issue Profile

Raghava Rao | CEO | Camomile Healthcare Ventures | Insights Care
Camomile Healthcare Ventures: Transforming Healthcare Organizations through Digital Technologies
Technology is playing a dominant role in almost all the processes within the healthcare industry. From...
Subir Chandra Ray | Founder & CEO | IOTimize Healthcare Solutions India LLP | Insights Care
IOTimize Healthcare Solutions: Innovating Better Life
This elegant story unveils the journey of IOTimize Healthcare Solutions India LLP that is focused on...
Pankaj Narula | Managing Director | Puneet Narula | Joint Managing Director | Sun Narula Group | Insights Care
Sun Narula Group India: Leading the Healthcare Vertical with Innovation
In mid 1950s the Indian healthcare space was merely a medical supplies and consumables market, with no...
Zahabiya Khorakiwala Managing Director Wockhardt Hospitals
Life Wins Care Wins Poised to Serve and Enrich Quality of Life, Wockhardt Hospitals’ Leading Healthcare with Innovation & Excellence
The healthcare businesses including all stakeholders are evolving rapidly and the future looks radically...
Amit Sontakke | CEO, Co-founder, Managing Partner | Healthcare Consulting Services
Healthcare Consultancy Services: A Management Advisory Enhancing Businesses with Unique Approach
Healthcare Consulting Services, popularly known as HCS is in the business of Managing and sustaining...


Bhavdeep Singh | CEO | Fortis | Insights Care
The Healthcare Sector Today in India: Why is its Role Critical?
India is poised to be one of the top three health care markets globally by 2022 as it is expected to...
Udai Kumar | Chairman & CEO | OHUM Healthcare Solutions | Insights Care
Healthcare Systems are Complex and Need Strong Management
In August 2017, parents watched helplessly as more than 60 babies, diagnosed with encephalitis from mosquito...
Dr V Mohan | Chairman & Chief of Diabetology | Dr Mohans Diabetes Specialities Centre | Insights Care
Latest Technologies in Diabetes
There have been tremendous advances in technology used for the management of diabetes over the past few...

Healthcare Articles

Brand Building | Insights Care
Brand Promise + Brand Experience = Relationship
Both in terms of revenue and employment – over the last decade, the Indian healthcare sector is touching...
Emerging Tech | Insights Care
Trending Technologies: Unveiling New Prospects for the Indian Healthcare Sector
Innovative technologies are the mainstays of today’s modern world. Right from an individual to the various...