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How to Make Your Morning Better?

Make Your Morning Better.

Life is getting busier every moment. As the business is increasing, the laziness is also increasing among people. There is a negligible amount of people who do not have a tendency to push the snooze button when the alarm bell rings in the morning. Almost all of us don’t feel like waking up early in the morning, and even if someone does want, it’s not right to wake up unless one completes the amount of sleep required by the body.

Many of us go to bed late hence it becomes unable to wake up early and enjoy the first sunrays of the day. Medical professionals say, “It’s good to wake up early only when you go to sleep early.” It does not matter when you wake up, but what is important is that how you start your day. In each and everything, the beginning matters a lot and similarly, the first thing you do to start your day creates a significant impact on the rest of the day.

Some of the things which you should make a habit now on to have a great start are mentioned below.

Drink Enough Water before Sipping Your Cup of Coffee

Water makes up about 80 percent of our brain tissue. It is the item that the brain requires most to make you feel awake and fresh. Not just that, it is one such component that refreshes us.

Medical professionals suggested that the addition of a bit of fresh lemon juice into water will improve not only the health of the gut but also creates a significant impact on brain health. Water is the component that will help you to clean toxins from the body and would potentially increase the body’s metabolism.

Dr. Maria Reyes, Rush University Medical Center, talked about the importance of coffee in the morning after water and said, “The caffeine can help increase alertness and give you that energy boost you might need in the morning.”

While talking about the positive and negative sides of coffee, she added, “There have been studies linking moderate coffee consumption (two to five cups per day) with decreased diabetes and heart disease/stroke risk, even cancer, due to its antioxidant properties. However, too much coffee (greater than six cups per day) can cause insomnia, tremors and contribute to heartburn.” You should note that coffee offers its best health benefits when it is consumed without milk and sugar.

Sweat the Toxins Out

The expert brain researchers informed that it is very much necessary to make body movements to wake the brain up. Though the fitness experts suggest, everyone works out for at least 30 minutes in the morning the chances of doing that are getting reduced day-by-day with the increase in our laziness.

So, even if we cannot add that 30 minutes daily morning exercise to our schedule, we can sort that out and make it simple by performing a combination of power training which includes a seven-minute mix of stretching, plank exercises, and some rope-jumping.

Dr. Wendy Yoder, an expert neurologist, said, “Even if you lack the energy for exercise early in the morning, at least get out of bed and walk to another room. Movement wakes up the brain.”

Stop Checking Your Work Mails After You Leave Office

We are incautiously thinking about work, and once that office mail pops up on our mobile screen just after you wake, the stress levels increase in the brain, eats up our morning time for refreshment, ultimately adding up distraction and delaying us. Dr. Reyes said that though it might seem to us that checking work emails in the morning can kick-start our day, but it harms the brain.

Instead of checking the office work-list in the morning, one should start their day by practicing mindful exercises like meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga. It would not only help in reducing stress but will also help people to focus more on work in the later hours of the day.

If you are not a meditation or yoga sort of person, you can try to start your day with things you like the most but could not find time to do, for example, writing a journal or playing with your pet.

Have breakfast which is full of proteins and healthy fats

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast is not even a question but eating the right breakfast is one of the essential ways to start your day perfectly. Yoder justified the point by saying that although we are quite aware of the fact and remind that ourselves that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the crucial factor to emphasize is the quality of the breakfast.

Dr. Reyes suggested some meal ideas and said, “Consider a breakfast bowl containing some brown rice or quinoa, spinach, and an egg. An egg white omelet with some low-fat cheese can also provide you with some healthy nutrients to keep you energized.”

In today’s scenario, morning is no more defined as the time when the sun rises; rather it is the time when you wake up. So, whatever the time you wake up, that’s the time you begin your day, and as we all know that to make anything right, the beginning must be good.

To start the day well and to make the day well, one must consider the above-written tips along with some unique way to wake and refresh the brain like switch on the light after rising from your bed preferably natural light if available and add proper and necessary fat to your breakfast.



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