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The 10 Best Medical and Clinical Laboratories to Watch 2019

The Rising Significance of Medical and Clinical Laboratories
Hospitals and clinical laboratories work hand in hand. When a patient is suffering from an infection or illness, he first runs to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. After a check-up, the doctor predicts what the infection or disease is. It is said that doctors’ prediction can be 70% confirmatory...

Issue Profile

Andrew Diamond, CEO, Diamond Medical Laboratory | Insights Care
Diamond Medical Laboratory: Providing Unmatched Mobile Healthcare Services
A market leader spearheading with its unique approach and methodology in the medical space is Diamond...
Avi Lasarow, Founder & CEO, DNAfit | Insights Care
DNAfit: Personalizing Wellness with Cutting-edge DNA Tests
An award-winning and renowned market leader that has a big vision for UK healthcare is DNAfit, part of...
Dr. Joseph Graas, Lab Director, San Diego Reference Laboratory | Insights Care
San Diego Reference Laboratory: Committed to Better Living through Chemistry
San Diego Reference Laboratory (SDRL) is a full-service, client-focused analytical biomedical testing...
Jill Warrington, CMO, Chris Powell, CEO, Aspenti Health ™ | Insights Care
Aspenti Health ™ : Offering Diagnostic and Digital Health Solutions for Substance Use and Pain Management
Aspenti Health was established by a group of seasoned healthcare leaders who made a commitment to acquire...

Interview With Insights Care

Kyoung Ryul Lee,M.D., Ph.D, CEO, SCL Healthcare Central Laboratory | Insights Care
SCL Healthcare Central Laboratory – The Forefront of Research and Clinical Trial Studies in Korea
Healthcare is moving from volume-based care to value-based and with it, we can expect the clinical standards...

Interview with InsightsCare

Amy Cassata | VP of Clinical Operations | Swift Medical
Amy Cassata: Leveraging Modern Technology to Deliver Exceptional Wound Care
When one embarks on a journey, there is always a purpose associated to it. It could be about gaining...
Jennifer Lauretta | Chief Technology Innovation Officer | 360 HealthTech
Jennifer Lauretta: Catering to the growing needs of future health care
Healthcare is shaping up in myriad ways to accommodate to the growing needs in this sector. In the past...
Lena Hagman | Executive Vice President Quality & Regulatory Compliance | Getinge AG
Lena Hagman: A Prominent Name in the Medical Device Industry
The global healthcare industry was put through turbulent circumstances during the initial period of the...
Sue Schade | Principal | StarBridge Advisors, LLC.
Sue Schade: A Veteran Leader Focused on Achieving Excellence in Healthcare
Successful women leaders are transforming the healthcare sector with their dedicated endeavors and agile...