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The 10 Most Ingenious Healthcare Companies to Watch

Jammi Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd: An ‘Ayur’union of Compassion and Holistic Healthcare
Disease or disability must have had its origins at about the same time as life. And ever since, there has been a necessity for creating cures or preventive measures to fight the disease-creating elements. Amidst this, Ayurveda also emerged as a method and discipline of curing diseases. Ayurveda is one...

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Smita Kumar Co-Founder Caresoft
Caresoft: At the Helm of the Digital Healthcare Revolution
Technology and automation are such an integral part of our life that we often do not think about the...
Dr Ashutosh Raghuvanshi MD & CEO Fortis Healthcare Limited
FORTIS Healthcare Limited: Strengthening the Healthcare Industry with a Patient-Centric Approach
India’s healthcare needs are numerous and complex, requiring collaborative partnership between private...
Nandan Gijare CEO I2CAN
Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Aesthetics and Nutrition: Advocating and Empowering Skill-Development
The wellness and beauty industry in India has rapidly evolved from being a highly unstructured ecosystem...