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The 10 Most Innovative Companies Bringing AI to Healthcare

Care Angel – AI & Voice Powered Virtual Nurse Assistants Exponentially Scaling Healthcare Engagement
Fundamentally, healthcare is broken. The phrase “we have a sick-care system, not a healthcare system” is heard quite often. And it’s true. Traditionally, healthcare has operated on a reactive health model instead of a proactive, preventative one. Most insurers and providers only proactively care for...

Issue Profile

West Shell III | Co-founder, CEO & Chairman | Conversa (1)
Conversa: Transforming the Provider – Patient Relationship with a Conversation
Conversations are the foundation of relationships. A healthy relationship is entirely based on a healthy...
Saurabh Satija | Co-founder & CEO | CureAssist
CureAssist: AI Assisted Smart Healthcare Revolution
Remote diagnosis has previously been efficaciously applied in specific situations, such as long expeditions,...
Shady Hassan | MD & CEO | Healthymize
Healthymize: AI-based Voice Monitoring for Voice Affecting Diseases
AI is not here to replace the human contact between patients and caregivers, but it can give patients...
Pinaki Dasgupta | Founder & CEO | Hindsait | Insights Care
Hindsait: Aiding Healthcare Get Better with AI
There is a ‘perfect storm’ brewing in the US Healthcare Industry, which is crying out loud for innovative...
Jun Wang | Founder & CEO | iCarbonX | Insights Care
iCarbonX: Thinking Out of the Box & Making the Difference
The carbon element is the chief component in any life form. Carbon is the central element, without which...
Dr. Geetha Manjunath | CEO, CTO | Ms. Nidhi Mathur | COO, CFO | Insights Care
Niramai Health Analytix: Offering a Revolutionary Solution for Universal Cancer Screening
As an innovative technology, Artificial Intelligence is proving its ground as a potential tool to tackle...


Dr. Enhao Gong | Founder | Subtle Medical | Insights Care
AI Is Starting to Change Radiology, for Real
The AI transformation is remarkable for its speed. For example in conference such as RSNA (Radiology...
Jeff Mongelli | Founder & CEO | Acentec | Insights Care
How Today’s Environment is Reshaping the Medical Device Industry
During a recent trip to the doctor’s office, other than the nurse using two fingers on my wrist and a...

Interview with InsightsCare

Amy Cassata | VP of Clinical Operations | Swift Medical
Amy Cassata: Leveraging Modern Technology to Deliver Exceptional Wound Care
When one embarks on a journey, there is always a purpose associated to it. It could be about gaining...
Jennifer Lauretta | Chief Technology Innovation Officer | 360 HealthTech
Jennifer Lauretta: Catering to the growing needs of future health care
Healthcare is shaping up in myriad ways to accommodate to the growing needs in this sector. In the past...
Lena Hagman | Executive Vice President Quality & Regulatory Compliance | Getinge AG
Lena Hagman: A Prominent Name in the Medical Device Industry
The global healthcare industry was put through turbulent circumstances during the initial period of the...
Sue Schade | Principal | StarBridge Advisors, LLC.
Sue Schade: A Veteran Leader Focused on Achieving Excellence in Healthcare
Successful women leaders are transforming the healthcare sector with their dedicated endeavors and agile...