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Innovators Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

The term “Disruptive Innovation” was first coined by a Harvard Professor, Clayton M. Christensen. Today, it is a word widely heard and spoken across the entire business landscape. According to Clayton, it is a circumstance in which an innovation starts reshaping an industry or a market by making it simpler, convenient, accessible, and affordable. The process initiates in a niche area that may be inconsequential to the whole market, but eventually ends up transforming the entire industry……

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Kick-Starting Your Way in Healthcare

Innovation is the key to unlock the future in every sector. Same is the case with healthcare. The need of innovation in this segment is being fed by the numerous start-ups as well as the big giants in this sector, and rather disruptively. Yet, there is place for more. With so many emerging trends and changes in healthcare, one question that comes to the mind of any professional willing to establish a new business is- How can it be done in a better way? In healthcare, success of a business is not determined by only the ordinary terms. There are some industry-specific points that one has to consider….
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“We aim to deliver an unprecedented way to visualize and quantify 3D relationships within the tissue microenvironment”

ClearLight Biotechnologies: Developing a Next-Generation 3D Tissue Processing Platform by Leveraging CLARITY

Healthcare presents a paradox when it comes to innovation. Although many of the highly innovative discoveries come at a very swift pace, ideas that can transform healthcare occur gradually, over a prolonged period of time. These gradual transformations are also known as ‘Disruptive Innovations’. In this, the existing methods or traditions are improved to increase the quality of care and simultaneously make it affordable by leveraging the existing or up and coming ,….

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The 20 Most Disruptive Healthcare Solution providers

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