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Innovative Companies Transforming Healthcare For 2019

Scribe Technology Solutions: Enabling Providers to Focus on Patient Care
Headquartered in Naples, FL, Scribe Technology Solutions empowers healthcare providers in creating and managing medical records. Scribe is a back-office solutions provider that focuses on productivity, profitability, and patient care for healthcare professionals. Its innovative cloud-based tools enable...

Issue Profile

Carlton Solle, Hazel Solle, Co-founders of Bioscarf
Bioscarf: A Health Meets Fashion Revolution
In the individual race of achieving all the luxuries of life, humans have been creating huge problems...
Synergy eTherapy: Eradicating Mental Illness Digitally!
There is insufficient knowledge about mental health throughout the world. Mental health is as serious...
Lise Pape, Founder & CEO Walk With Path
Walk With Path: Transforming Lives, One Step at a Time
Walk With Path is a leading health-tech company which is dedicated to improve mobility through active...
Erik Bjontegard Founder Total Communicator Solution
Total Communicator Solutions: Leveraging Intellect and Technology, Delivering Measurable Solutions
The tech-led world today is overwhelmed by data. With each innovation, we keep adding more to it. We...
Dr. Patrick Y. Lu | Founder, President & CEO | Sirnaomics
Sirnaomics: Advancing a Novel Approach To Treat Cancer and Fibrosis
As the world population ages, health experts expect a dramatic increase the incidence of cancer and fibrotic...

Introduction 101

Introduction 101
Introduction to Gene Therapy
Gene Therapy can be called a miracle if it passes its current nascent stages. It has created quite a...