Hi-Tech Diagnostics and Pathology Centers 2018
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The Catalysts to Innovate Progress in Diagnostics

The Indian healthcare industry is witnessing a rapid growth spectrum over the last decade. Out of numerous factors, one that steals the limelight is the noticeable changes done to improve the quality and raise the standards that are par with the international healthcare parameters. As one of the crucial components under healthcare, diagnostics and pathology centers are playing a pivotal role in improving the overall medical scenario…

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“If you get a diagnosis, get on a therapy, keep a good attitude and keep your sense of humor”

– Teri Garr, Hollywood actress, singer

How many times in life have we ever analyzed a diagnostic centre or have a gone a step ahead to understand the broader perspective of the diagnostic and pathology labs around us? For the majority, we tend to consider these as the subsets of essential medical services but the matter of fact is, it’s much more than that!

Standing tall amongst the key constituents of India’ healthcare markets are the Diagnostics and the Pathology companies that are transforming themselves in today’s era of consumerism.

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Our vision is to provide reliable and accurate diagnostics services, maintaining the ethical standards coupling with patient safety and highest quality services.

The 10 Hi-Tech Diagnostics and Pathology Centers 2018 November2018 | Cover Page | Insights Care

Add-on Scans and Labs: Offering Wide-ranging Premium Diagnostics Services

Growing trend of evidence-based medicine, health awareness, growing population and affordability are the major factors driving the diagnostics industry in India. The increasing awareness towards preventive health care check-ups is also adding to the growth of diagnostics market. Acknowledging this, the industry players are contributing for a better tomorrow by offering prominent healthcare solutions at an affordable cost. They are playing a vital role in meeting the quality-needs of Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities and delivering innovative radiology and laboratory solutions.. .

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Company of the Month

Dr. ravi Gaur-2 | COO | Oncquest Laboratories | Insights Care

Oncquest Laboratories: Defining the True Essence of Healthcare

Established in 2000, Oncquest Laboratories Ltd. is known for its excellence in Clinical Diagnostics and its core competence in Cancer Diagnosis …

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Brand of the Month

Dr. Akshay Shah | Proprietor | Nidaan Diagnostic Center | Insights Care

Nidaan Diagnostic Centre: Where Technology Meets Healthcare

Nidaan Diagnostic Centre is a state-of-the-art multimodality diagnostic centre, committed to delivering uncompromised patient-care in the medical imaging field….

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The 10 Hi-Tech Diagnostics and Pathology Centers 2018 November2018

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