The 20 Most Admired Healthcare Solution Providers 2018

Sahyadri Hospitals: Shedding Light on Lives through Expertise and Commitment
Sahyadri Hospitals is not just known for being the largest chain of hospitals in Maharashtra, but also for the approach, where it brings in the best of experts in multiple specialities and the most advanced technologies to provide a ray of hope—to give people the lifeline of possibilities, even in the...

Issue Profile

Abhinav Thakur | Accurex Biomedical | Insights Care
Accurex Biomedical: Saving Lives through Quality Medical Diagnostic Solutions
Diagnostics in an important component of improved value chain in the healthcare sector. The medical diagnostic...
Mr. Rushabh Adani | Adani Pharmachem | API | Insights Care
Adani Pharmachem: Formulating & Enhancing Future through Innovative & Quality APIs
Established in the year 1981, Adani Pharmachem, is engaged in manufacturing, exporting, wholesaling &...
Umesh Kalra | Arlak Biotech | Insights Care
Arlak Biotech: Delivering Affordable and Best Quality Pharma Products
India is the 2nd most populated country in the world and one of the fastest growing economies on Earth....
Mohal Sarabhai | Vovantis Laboratories | Insights Care
Vovantis Laboratories: Leading the Pharmaceutical Market while using Effervescent Technology
The uses of effervescent technology have gained popularity in the market.  These tablets or medicines...


Pankaj Dhole | Bioteknika Technologies | Pathology | Insights Care
Pre-analytical Errors in a Pathology Lab context & Need for better phlebotomy practices
High Quality accurate test report by a pathology Laboratory is extremely crucial for a clinician to decide...

Executive Viewpoint

Dr. Mamta Jain | Medwiz Healthcare Communications | Artificial Intelligence | Insights Care
Exploring Healthcare Marketing with Artificial Intelligence
Is AI for real? Is it the disruptive technology which Healthcare is looking for? Are jobs going to be...

Expert’s Foresight

Ms. Kavita Khatod | Molecular Genetic Diagnostics | Insights Care
Molecular Genetic Diagnostics: A Bird’s Eye-View
Genetic testing, especially molecular genetic diagnostics, has evolved rapidly since the advent of the...

Entrepreneur’s Outlook

Ambati Venu | Abbott India Limited | Artificial Intelligence | Insights Care
Artificial Intelligence Marketing in Healthcare
Remodeling approach to care… – Ambati Venu, Managing Director, Abbott India Limited Tomorrow’s world...

Editor's Pick

Data security | Insights Care
Importance of Data Security in Healthcare
Currently, the healthcare industry is adopting new technologies rapidly. Predominantly, the Information...
Marek Wasiluk | CEO | Clinmark
Clinmark: Clinical Research Excellence Built on the Foundations of Quality
For pharmaceutical companies to thrive in a competitive marketplace, it is crucial to have a strong understanding...