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The 10 Most Innovative Digital Healthcare Solution Providers 2018

Self Care Catalysts: Transforming Healthcare through Real World Evidence and Experience
Patients are the most vital part of any healthcare eco-system. Everything starts and ends with patients. When a healthcare solution provider keeps patient at the center of their operations, chances of better patient satisfaction augment significantly. Such providers believe when patients are informed,...

Issue Profile

Olga Grudniak | Biolumo | Insights Care
Biolumo: An Ingenious Solution for Precise Antibiotic Selection
In world of medicines, the most frequently prescribed one is antibiotics. Yet, every solution that might...
Bogdan Nedelcu | Intelligent Locations | Insights Care
Intelligent Locations: A Seamless Solution Provider to all Digital Healthcare Problems
The healthcare industry is under constant pressure to do more with less. As technology advances the future...
Jorge Cortell | Kanteron Systems | Insights Care
Kanteron Systems: An Incredible Precision Medicine and Diagnostic Platform
The ultimate aim of any healthcare solution is to identify and treat a disease before it shows any symptoms...
Ehsan Imam | Marham | Insights Care
Marham – Sharing the Distress of those Fighting a Disease
With the rapid advancements taking place in the field of technology, digitalization of healthcare is...
Abid Zuberi | oladoc | Insights Care
oladoc: Engineered a Groundbreaking ‘Hub’ to Bring Varied Healthcare Services to Consumers
Technology continues to save numerous lives in multiple ways. Everyone understands the impact of higher...
Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram | Sehat Kahani | Insights Care
Sehat Kahani: Making Quality Healthcare Facilities Accessible and Affordable to All
Digital healthcare solutions are utilizing software or internet connected devices for detection and treatment...
Ahmed Al-Bader | Sihatech | Insights Care
Sihatech: Emboldening the Connect between Doctors and Patients
As we all know, health of a nation is the wealth of a nation. Just as technology has transformed our...
Reto Schegg | Healthbank | Insights Care
healthbank: Transforming the Way Health Data get Exchanged, Stored and Monetized
IT and mobile revolution has changed the landscape of many businesses and healthcare too is not an exception....


Jonathan M. Prince | DataSmart Solution | Insights Care
From Relevance to Convenience to Value – The Future of Data Analytics in US Healthcare
Let’s explore the power of data. Transforming raw data into real value begins with the concept of relevance....
Ms. Kavita Khatod | Insights Care
Molecular Genetic Diagnostics: A Bird’s Eye-View
Genetic testing, especially molecular genetic diagnostics, has evolved rapidly since the advent of the...

Company of the Month

Chrissa McFarlane | Patientory, Inc. | Insights Care
Patientory—Your Health at Your Fingertips
Healthcare organizations are working for improvements in patient outcomes and operational efficiency,...