10 Healthtech Companies Remodeling Healthcare

InXite Health Systems: Empowering Patients; Enabling Providers; Modernizing Healthcare
InXite is leading the way in modernizing healthcare as we know it today. InXite defines the modern healthcare system as one that empowers patients. It enables them to have a greater control, convenience and choice of their healthcare and focuses on both treatment and prevention. By empowering patients...

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Mr. Kumar Subramaniam, Co-founder & CEO, 75Health
75Health: Creating Innovative Information Management Products
Health is an important part of our life, as such the importance of maintaining the health records of...
Matt Lepkowski, Founder, Business Automation Experts
Business Automation Experts: Empowering Organizations to better Serve the World
Today’s healthcare industry needs to be equipped with modern technologies that manage their operations...
Lorena Puica, Founder & CEO, iamYiam
iamYiam: Take Charge. Be the Healthier You.
The world population currently stands at around 7 billion and is, in all certainty, increasing as you...
Dr. Angel Calzada (CTO), Dr. Markus Wilhelms,CEO , Dr. Immaculada Herrero (CSO) , Marc Benet,(CRMO), MOWOOT
MOWOOT: Relieving You from Constipation through an Innovative Approach
Constipation is a condition that is characterized by difficult, infrequent, or perceived incomplete evacuation...
Dr. Florian Koerber, CEO, Dr. Markus Dahlem, CSO, M-Sense
M-Sense: Eliminating Chronic Headaches in An Innovative Way
According to the Migraine Research Foundation, headache is the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world....
Educational Videos
Telesofia Medical: Engaging Patients through tailored Educational Videos
As the technological world is advancing at a rapid pace, videos have emerged to deliver the best result...


We have All the Technology to Revolutionize Healthcare - Now it’s the Time to Innovate our Mindsets.
If New Year’s resolutions were an accurate indicator of who we actually are, all of us would be...

Healthcare personalized

importance of wearable devices
The Importance of Wearable Devices
Sam, a patient with clinical depression has only medication to save him which improves his moods and...

V R Healthy

V R Healthy
Virtual Reality in Healthcare
Games we play using to entertain ourselves. What if these are played to cure and rehabilitate aspects...